All Hail the Sect Leader
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 阅文漫画
Artist 阅文漫画
Serialization ac.qq
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All Hail the Sect Leader

The Greatest Sect Leader of All-Time, Wangu Zui Qiang Zong, Wàngǔ Zuì Qiáng Zōng, Да здравствует лидер секты, Лидер секты, Сильнейшая секта всех времен, 万古最强宗

Synopsis All Hail the Sect Leader

This is my story of raising a sect, which is a warm and joyful home. In it, not only is there an amusing patriarch, yeah that’s me, but also a group of eccentric disciples with very different personalities growing up. All the members of this sect are abnormally strong. All the disciples turn out to be bigshots, and I, the patriarch will definitely become invincible in this world! Come on, kids. Come join my sect and let your dreams fly together!

Chapter All Hail the Sect Leader