The Beast Tamer
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2021
Author Kanaritsu
Artist KURODA Takayoshi
Serialization Dra-Dra-Flat b (Fujimi Shobo)
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The Beast Tamer

The Beast Tamer Was Fired From His Childhood Friends' S-Rank Party, 幼馴染のS級パーティーから追放された聖獣使い。万能支援魔法と仲間を増やして最強へ!,Osananajimi No Kyuu Party Kara Tsuihou Sareta Kiyoshijuu Zukai. Bannou Shien Mahou To Nakama O Fuyashite Saikyou E!

Synopsis The Beast Tamer

A beast tamer without a familiar, Lock had been supporting his friends in an S Rank party until they finally decided to use him as a decoy and abandoned him. After a conversation with the Fenrir his party was attacking, it chose to serve him as his familiar. By using and expanding the [Mini Monster Garden], Lock gathers more and more familiars to form the strongest- and cutest- party ever. Behold, a fantasy where men and beasts go on adventures together.