The God Slaying Demon King
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2022
Author Ezogin Gitune, えぞぎんぎつね
Artist PIG3rd
Serialization Square Enix
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The God Slaying Demon King

he God Killing Demon King is Reincarnated as the Weakest Race and becomes the Strongest in History, 元魔王が目覚めたとき、“悪神殺し”の叛逆譚が再び幕を開ける

Synopsis The God Slaying Demon King

The strongest demon king in history, Hairam, dominated the continent of demons with overwhelming strength. However, after defying the Demon God’s oracle, which demanded sacrifices, a fierce battle commenced that ended with Hairam’s death.
“The demon race cannot possibly win against the one it is ruled by”, facing this harsh reality, even the strongest could not do anything.

After 500 years passed, Hairam has reincarnated as a “human”. Although the human race has a slow growth, it has the highest latent potential among all races. Thus begins the journey of Hairam, who has inherited the powers of his previous life, to kill the demon god once again.