Leveling Again: The Story of Agaya
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
Author Tisife, 티시페
Artist Tisife, 티시페
Serialization Kakao Webtoon
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Leveling Again: The Story of Agaya

The Dead One Is an Infant, The old man is- Baby., The deceased is - sweetheart, 고인물은 아가야

Synopsis Leveling Again: The Story of Agaya

The No. 1 ranker “Agaya,” the first player who reached the maximum level in the game, ‘Dungeon Story’, is in despair because his experience stats are no longer increasing. No matter how bizarre moves Agaya tries, the game quests seem too easy. Finally, Agaya thinks of a solution.

I will start playing the game from scratch using another account, imitating a Newbie!

Will Agaya be able to enjoy the game without others finding out who he is?